Behind the Scenes: UNMC Dental College

by | Jun 18, 2018 | College & Career Preparation

Beja’s “dream is to be a dentist” and the trip she took to UNMC’s Dental College “made her excited to go into dentistry.” Beja got to look around one of the labs on campus and ask questions about Kevin’s experiences as a first-year dental student. In addition to seeing the school, Beja got to talk to a handful of students and hear about the undergrad experiences that helped them achieve their dream of dental school.

While in the lab, she saw some of the the hands-on work that first-year students like Kevin are doing, including waxing teeth, practicing drilling, and taking impressions. Some advice Kevin gave Beja was that, while the hands-on skills you learn in lab can be tough and frustrating at first, the key is to stick with it and practice. He said it’s important to take advantage of all the opportunities and faculty support the school provides to help yourself improve.

During the trip, Beja learned about the typical schedule of a first-year student, how that schedule changes during the remainder of dental school, and what students found most interesting about their field.