Experience Required

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Leading Story

A recent Forbes survey of 100 top HR managers, recruiters and CEOs asked what qualifications are most important for entry-level job seekers to obtain to be successful in their companies. Nearly all of them said, “soft skills.”

Practice in leadership, communication and collaboration top the list of employers’ most wanted work experiences. The catch, of course, is finding opportunities that teach those skills and prepare a young person to contribute and thrive.

Lead Up not only helps students succeed academically; we simultaneously engage them in building critical skills and competencies for the workplace by providing unparalleled opportunities to practice and develop those skills alongside professionals and leaders in the community.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about an amazing project stepping off next month with our partners at the Nebraska History Museum.

Throughout the months of July, August and September, Lead Up students will be working with museum professionals, helping to develop a new exhibit that will debut in October. Our leaders will be assisting with research, selecting artifacts, organizing events related to the exhibit and learning more about display techniques, marketing and public relations. The group will also host a special evening for high school students from across the city to generate interest in the museum and museum-related careers among their peers.

Very few entry-level candidates have work experience on projects or internships that have allowed them to own and execute on a deliverable from beginning to end. Through experiences like those we provide at Lead Up, we are giving motivated young people “a shot” and allowing them to explore and prepare for options they might not have dreamed of.  And the best part is, many of these students will find companies and employers right here in Lincoln; using skills and talents they have developed through Lead Up and its partners.

Experience Required? Lead Up’s got it.



 P.S. The title of the exhibit is still a secret but be sure to check out the coming issues of our newsletter for insider details as the project develops and, plan to join us at the debut October 6 at the Nebraska History Museum.