Anthony Meets Ms Cash

by | Jun 15, 2018 | College & Career Preparation, Spotlight

Junior Leader, Anthony, spent the month of April exploring his interest in becoming an Elementary school teacher.  At the beginning of the month he was nominated for and attended LPS’s day-long workshop dedicated to encouraging culturally diverse high school students hoping to pursue teaching – you might have even seen his picture in the paper!  The workshop hit home for Anthony as a big part of his desire to teach stems from his experience having no Asian American teachers; it was this and his love of kids that inspired him to become the role model he always wanted to see.

A couple weeks after the workshop, Anthony was welcomed to Beattie Elementary school by fourth grade teacher, Ms. Cash.  The first-year teacher shared some isights about her time in the elementary education program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and what her first year of teaching at LPS has been like.  Their conversation covered a host of topics:  how education classes are run at UNL, how people manage to get to classes on time on such a big campus, the college leadership opportunities Ms. Cash sought out and how they prepared her for teaching, and how to tackle those daunting LPS job interviews.

Anthony says he gained a lot from both experiences, feeling more confident about both college and his pursuit of the teaching profession:  “Today I learend that although [your path to and through college] may seem overwhelming, once you talk to someone who knows a lot about what you’re interested in, it makes you more comfortable, confident, and ready to go.”  Anthony’s next steps are touring the teaching programs at colleges he’s interested in, talking to more elementary school teachers and, hopefully, shadowing one too!