Read Up with Lead Up – Adaptation

Lights, Camera…


We celebrated the end of the school year with our favorite thing – books, of course! Well, books and movies – the theme this time around was books that have been adapted into movies or TV shows.

“If you didn’t like the movie that doesn’t mean you won’t like the book.” These wise words from student leader, Anthony, kicked things off before students made their way down the red carpet.

The paparazzi caught our students getting their hands on some books and discussing what they’d found with each other.

 After a trip to concessions for some popcorn, it was time for the big debate – was the book better than the movie?

We talked the good, the bad, and the ugly of adaptations and placed ourselves in the director’s chair to consider what filmmakers have to think about when turning books into movies.

All in all, our evening in Hollywood was nothing less than glamorous.

In the end everyone agreed that adapting a book is no easy feat, but one thing that makes a big difference is getting the author involved.