Read Up with Lead Up – Multiple Genres

Read Up With Lead Up

Lead Up’s first ever book tasting was on epic one, jam-packed with every genre, style, and time-period imaginable.

After all, how can a room full of books and some tasty pizza and themed desserts be wrong?

Inner Journeys: walk a mile in their shoes

Students shared in the special journeys of the unique characters in these realistic fiction novels.

Banned!: No reading any time

Students pondered these powerful banned and challenged books.

“Books that fall outside the white, straight, abled mainstream are challenged more often than books that do not destabilise the status quo…The message this sends is loud and clear: diversity is actually under attack. Minority perspectives are being silenced every year.”

-- American Libraries Association

Are the rumors about these books true? You’ll have to read to find out. 

Keep an open mind and see what you find.

Ugly Ducklings: good books, bad covers

Students were challenged to avoid judging these books by their covers for the chance to get swept up in an exciting read.

Dig In! to some not-so-typical reads

We wanted to show our students that there’s more to literature than they might think by giving them a smattering of graphic novels, short story anthologies, humor, poetry, plays, epistolary novels, and everything but the kitchen sink.

Dead, not dull: these authors may be dead, but their novels certainly aren’t boring.

Students were dared to reconsider these oldies but goodies with a selection of classics that caused quite the uproar in their day (and some that are still controversial today).

Students got to know the books through a scavenger hunt…

before finishing off the night with Banned Book Trivia and Mug Shots.