What’s Up?! May 2019

From the CEO

There is nothing but joy when putting pen to paper to write about the Accomplishments of our Student Leaders and amidst the busy end of the school year, we have had much to celebrate. Let’s hear some cheers for our outstanding young people!


Juniors Angelica and Zeinab, were inducted into the National Honor Society. Inclusion in the society is judged by distinguished achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character which fits these two perfectly.


Mary was selected to receive the Susan Buffett Scholarship. Academic merit, an essay and recommendations that distinguished her character and accomplishments all factored into her winning application.


After leading her team to the championships in the 14th annual Institute for the Culinary Arts High School Invitational, Senior Leader Maddy fired up her fellow chefs for a trip to the national competition. The team scored big with their gorgeous seared sea scallop starter, beef tenderloin with purple sweet potato mash and tournee carrots. And for the the crowning finish – chocolate mousse.


Senior Leader Anthony traveled to New Orleans to receive the Billy Michel Leadership Award from the National WWII museum. Anthony was one of 50 students receiving the national award which recognizes service and leadership.


Julie Allen

Founder and CEO


 What is Your part of the Story?

We’re headed into one of “those times of the year” when many of the non-profits you support interrupt their regular communications to ask you to participate in an annual giving day.

If you’re involved in quite a few causes, this well-meaning messaging can be quite overwhelming, and make a trip to your inbox or favorite social media site feel like running a gauntlet.

Exactly the opposite of how we want you to feel!

The sticky wicket however, is that the amazing agencies that help millions of individuals and families every day rely on your support to do their vital work and, they figure a giving day is a good idea to motivate people to donate.

From after-school tutoring to ACT prep, college-bound workshops and skills seminars that boost a young person’s readiness for the workforce, Lead Up too, needs your support to deliver.

But, instead of asking you to donate to Give to Lincoln this year, I’m going to ask you this question:  What is your part in the story of a talented and motivated, yet under-resourced teen in Lincoln?

Chapter One:  Volunteer tutor and ACT coach?

Chapter Two:  Presenter at a Career 360’s event?

Chapter Three:  Recruiting friends for the Moscow Mule party?

Chapter Four:  A monetary gift?

Lead Up writes new stories for underrepresented youth by maximizing potential, and creating pathways to the workforce for the next generation of innovators, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Will you be a part of our story?


P.S. On a sunny spring afternoon, three of our Senior Leaders shared some of their Lead Up stories.  See their “current chapter” below:

Lead Up FAQ of the Month:

Does Lead Up take the summer off?

 Summer is a critical time for students to rest and reset. It is also an “opportunity zone” of sorts for teens who use the break in routine to take on a job or volunteer commitment, and to tackle their college planning or build goals and skills for a new, fresh school year.

For the summer months, Lead Up supports students in finding internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities that meet their needs and interests. We also provide robust programming to help our leaders write their college apps, search for scholarships, and prep for the ACT. Our unique components of networking and experiences don’t slow down when school is out either and we take full advantage of lighter school and activity schedules to introduce them to interesting people and to try extraordinary things.

One of the biggest lessons we hope our leaders take away from their Lead Up experience is how to build a healthy, balanced life. Although we’ll be working hard on personal essays and projects in the community, we’re also supporting a little downtime in the pool, a Netflix movie or two and an ice cream with friends.

Happy Summer, all.

Photo by Miguel Maldonado on Unsplash

You’re coming, right?

June 7 - An Evening with The Mule: The Cool Kid Cocktail of the 1940's

7pm – 10pm   – The Copper Kettle

You’re invited to join us for an evening that will be refreshing, delicious and, a big “kick” forward for the promising young student leaders of Lead Up. Gather up your friends and head downtown for specially created Mules, perfectly paired snacks and some fun history of this iconic libation made popular by old Hollywood. Tickets are limited, so don’t wait. We’re looking forward to seeing you.  

Questions or more information?  Email admin@leadupne.org.